Christmas with the Cousins!

It was 70 degrees and sunny on Christmas day so we started the festivities with big wheels in the culd-e-sac.

This is the face of a five year old who just opened a pair of roller skates…

Norah wins the prize for best reactions to presents. She was the “Jodi” of the kids for sure! She was bouncing up down, squealing with each thing she unwrapped. When Emmy got a huge unicorn she could not stop gushing, “I’m just SO happy for you Emmy! That’s amazing!!!!” 🙂


img_0525My mom likes to go a little crazy with the presents. It was total stimulation overload for the next few hours filled with screaming, unwrapping, and playing. Tucky loved his new nerf gun and Em just kept unwrapping that Paw Patrol.

Sweet baby Miles slept the entire day away at just 7 days old.

Jonah had lost his voice and had the cutest little raspy tone. He was all chilled out watching his big sis absolutely freak out over her gifts. He kept making faces like, “whoa would you calm down!?” hahaha!

This Jake telescope was Tuck’s other favorite of the day and I’ve now heard the theme song 1,000 times. 🙂

The best part of Christmas with Gram and Pa is always the big clue hunt! My parents did this every year when we were kids. I have the best memories of searching all over for my “big present”. They started this tradition with the kids last year and it was a big hit. This year they had the kids dress in “disguises” (hoodies, silly glasses, and flashlights) while sneaking around hunting for their treasure. They each had their own color envelopes and followed their clues to find their pirate booty.

They were all so excited to go through their treasure boxes at the end. As we were walking back to the house, Em told me, “That was a really fun night. That was like a SUPER fun night!” Thanks Pa!!!

It was a very merry Christmas for us, with all these excited kids and especially have our new family member a part of the day. We hope everyone enjoyed a great day with family too! Matt and I spent the day after Christmas organizing all the new toys, tearing down our tree and putting all our decorations away. As much as I love Christmas, I have to say it feels so good to have my house back to normal. Until next year! 🙂

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