Christmas Morning Magic at the Smith’s

We hope everyone had a very merry Christmas this year! I made a little video of our morning as a family…

Matt and I set our alarms and woke up early to crepe paper the kids’ bedroom doors. Then we got really nervous that we’d miss Em coming out of her room so we decided to tie their door knobs together and wait for her to yell for us. This was so funny because we were sneaking around whisper arguing about who was being too loud and how to best accomplish the task. When the sun started shining through and we hadn’t heard from either of the kids yet, we decided to do our stockings in bed with some coffee. It was a great way to start the morning together before all the chaos. img_0594

We woke Tuck up first and tried to convince him to bust through the red tape. He’s always in such a daze when he first wakes up and we barely got a little kick out of him. He smartly crawled under the paper to free himself instead.

Once Tuck was out, we started knocking on Em’s door and yelling about CHRISTMAS MORNING until she busted through like an old pro! This year she didn’t have much to say about the “snow flecks” and just tried to race down to the tree as fast as we’d let her. Tuck was pretty cute and reached for a snowflake saying, “ooooooh”.

We started this tradition of paper chains and snowflakes last year and it was a big hit. We put up a video of Em’s reaction in this post. It was worth all the cutting and taping for sure. The problem is that we now feel like we have to top ourselves every year. haha!  I’m so thankful my husband is down for all my crazy ideas and even helps me pull them off. He was a hardworking elf late into Christmas eve, expertly arranging all the paper chains. Em has the world’s best memory and asked me every morning leading up to Christmas, “I just thought you were going to tape behind my door. Why didn’t you do that?!”

img_0588img_0587img_0579Emmy was in awe of all the presents and couldn’t wait to get started. She is OBSESSED with Paw Patrol so nearly every present was something Paw Patrol. What she really wanted was the big command center so every present she opened she would say, “I wonder if this is a Paw Patrol house!?” 🙂

Tuck got lots of spider-man and superhero toys. He is “all boy” and loves shooters, swords, and saws. He was so content with his first toy. I think he could have played with it the rest of the morning. We really had to convince him each time he had a new present to open.

His absolute favorite present was this cheap stocking stuffer ninja turtle camera. He snapped pictures of us the rest of the day. It’s funny the things they wind up loving!

img_0556Emmy loved cheering Tucker on and “helping” him open his presents. Every time he opened a gift that was “from her” she wanted to make sure she got a hug and a “thank you”! img_0546


We always do the orange flavored cinnamon rolls for a Christmas morning treat. Matt and I have been so into making breakfast burritos and made that our Christmas morning meal this year. YUM!

The sugary start to the day kicked in soon enough and this girl was bouncing off the walls with excitement! 🙂

It was such a fun morning with the family. Christmas is just magical and I’m loving creating all these memories for our kids. img_0209After our morning we rushed around to get out the door for more Christmas fun at Gram and Pa’s house. More to come on Christmas with the cousins!

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