Miles Beck Juarez

IMG_3689On Friday, December 18th, we brought our SON into the world. Hearing our doctor yell, “It’s a BOY!” and seeing his sweet, screaming body be lifted above the curtain were like a flood of emotions. It was a moment when everything I had ever thought about this baby came crashing in on me, my brain rapid-firing all the questions and dreams I wondered about. Josh yelled his joy and burst out in laughter, I sobbed…. sobbed happy, elated tears. Another son, how gracious God is to me!

As they started to sew me up on the OR table, I vomited uncontrollably. I drifted in and out of present consciousness, but heard the world happening around me. The anesthesiologist told my OB, “I have literally given her everything available to me.” Nothing stopped the nausea, but the medications were all taking their toll on my consciousness. It felt like hours before they brought my son to me, but Josh says it was only about 2min of suctioning and checking his APGAR. Soon I heard the nurse say, “He’s beautiful, I’m going to lay him on your chest.” I gave all my effort to turn my head and open my eyes. He was amazing- so beautiful, so precious, so loved! It all happened in that magical first second of meeting him- he was ours and we were his. And he was LOVED, so so loved.

We brought our big kids back to the recovery room first. “It’s a brother!” The joy on Jonah’s face couldn’t be hidden and Norah processed it all in just seconds. The moment she saw him, she cared for him. They both had HUGE smiles on their faces. I was crying, of course, seeing our family together for the first time was one of those memories that I don’t need a picture to remember. It is sealed in my heart forever. Jonah was very concerned aobut me crying and I had to tell him, “Mommy is okay, I am just SO SO happy!” Later, Norah walked out to the waiting room and Mimi saw tears in her eyes. She asked Norah if she was okay and Norah responded, “Yes, Mimi… these are happy tears! “

IMG_3709Our family was all so happy too! They rejoiced with us and were shocked to see this little one didn’t look like the spitting image of a “Juarez.” When Norah was born, everyone was shocked at how much she looked like Josh’s little sister. When Jonah was born, it was almost freaky how much he looked like Josh. This one, although very much still a Juarez, may pull through with more of his mom’s genes.

It took us most of the day to decide on a name. We had about 5 boy names we liked, a name we thought was maybe “it”, and lots of possible middle names. I told Josh a name that was sticking out to me and he said, “I don’t think so, I really think it’s supposed to be Miles.” This was a name we both had loved and after more discussion and practice calling the baby by name, we knew the name was perfect for him.

Miles Beck Juarez was born at 8:10am on December 18th. He weighed 7lbs14oz and was 20inches long.img_5833

Miles has expanded our love in a way we never knew possible. Love truly does grow! I love my husband more than ever before, I treasure my daughter, I cherish my older son, and… I am infatuated with our littlest boy. My heart is full and thankful. I praise God for this beautiful little life!





IMG_3708 IMG_3706




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