Emersonisms XI

*My mom came over the day before Angie’s shower to help set up. She was in my bedroom with Emmy and noticed my outfit lying across the bed and asked Em, “OH! Did your mommy get some new pants for the shower?” Em laughs and says, “Silly Gram! You don’t wear pants in the shower! Only Daddy does that. He wears his blue pants in the shower.” lol (When I’ve asked Matt to shower with the kids, he wears his underpants in to keep things private from Em and she’s totally right- they’re probably blue) haha!

*After staying with my parents for two days the kids came home with a new saying. Emmy came running to me to tell me Tucker hit her. I asked her, “well, what did you tell him?” She turns to him and says very sternly, “Don’t hit me! I’m precious”. Tucker says, “Oh… sow sow sissy!” and they hug it out. πŸ™‚ I cracked up to hear this new saying in action.IMG_3308

*Emmy has been adding some fairy-tale magic to her bedtime prayers by adding that not only would be people be safe in their houses but that they would live happily ever after. I’m with you Em!

*We’ve been working on the concept of cleaning up after yourself with Emmy. After covering the living room floor in puzzle pieces, I enlisted her help getting them all picked up. After picking up about three pieces she tells me, “I can’t finish picking up because my arms are just tired.” Rough stuff!IMG_3306

*After refilling her water cup she tells me, “Thank you! You’re a sweet girl!”

*We hadn’t been to church in a couple weeks due to sickness and traveling. I was printing the kids name tags for children’s church and Emmy starts giving Tucker a major pep talk. She leans over putting her hand on his shoulder and says, ” It’s ok, Tucker. Don’t be scared. This is the nice church. These kids won’t scream or cry. They’ll be nice to you. Okay? It’s going to be okay, buddy” If that doesn’t melt your heart! By the way, the “scary church” was an overcrowded nursery he was once in when we went to hear a guest speaker. I left and was telling Matt all about how upset I was with all the kids crying and hardly any nursery workers. Apparently overhearing this conversation really stuck with Emmy. That was probably 3 months ago now. haha!IMG_3305*We were hanging out in my bedroom when Matt got out of the shower to change. He stood behind his closet door getting dressed and Emmy whispers to me, “Do you know why Daddy’s standing behind his door?” “Why?” I ask. “He doesn’t want anybody to see his butt! Anybody should not look at anybody’s butt. They should just look at their own butts. Right Mom?” Well…. pretty much E. hahaha!IMG_3307

*I cleaned out the car one day and asked Em what she thought of it. I told her, “I evenΒ used the vacuum cleaner!” She looked at me with her mouth wide open and said, “Are you CRAZY!? That’s hard to do!” πŸ™‚

*Emmy sings me her Christmas program song, Away in a Manger, on the way home from school. The words are a little mixed up and she suddenly stops and stares out the window. Then she turns to me with her thinking face on and says, “Jesus didn’t really like the stars becasue they don’t usually talk so he just looked away and went to sleep… but when he growed up he liked them.” Didn’t know that part, Em! πŸ™‚ (All these photos are from her sweet little school Christmas program)

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