Aztec Gender-Neutral Nursery

Two hours after telling my sister that Baby #3 was on the way, she gasps, “What are your nursery ideas?? What room are you going to use? What do you do if you don’t know gender?”

Umm…. I hadn’t gotten there yet. 🙂

Jodi lives in this land of beautiful celebration- for both herself and others. I love it! She is the BEST at celebrating others, pouring energy into details and truly making you excited for life’s momentous moments. I couldn’t be more thankful to do #momlife with her!

We’ve spent the last several months browsing gender-neutral ideas on Pinterest.  I fell in love with the Aztec theme and asked Jodi to help me make the nursery a reality. She went to work. 🙂

Aztec nursery

This was our inspiration!

And then the final product…


The crib is a Jenny Lind crib from the 1980’s. My parents bought it for me and finished the ash wood on it. It sat in my Grandma’s basement for nearly 23 years before Norah joined our party. Then, my sweet Aunt mailed it to us, Josh re-finished it and it has remained a very special piece in all three nurseries. ❤




My sweet friend, Heather, made this banner for her home this fall. When she heard about our nursery, she offered to bring it over to see if it matched. It is the perfect touch for a bare window! When we know if baby is a boy or girl, we plan to add curtains to the space.

The room is a refinished attic, so it is pretty small. There wasn’t room to add a book shelf, so Josh built these floating shelves from reclaimed wood. Love that they came from the sno shack too! 


Here are a couple iPhone snaps to get an idea of the bigger picture! 🙂 

Though it will most likely be a while before baby moves into this space, it feels so settling to have it ready! Less than 3 days til we meet this little one!

A HUGE “thank you” to my amazing, talented, selfless sister :).

Rug- Urban Outfitters

Bedding- Pottery Barn

Frames/Arrows/Knobs- Hobby Lobby 

Accent Table/Cow Head- Target

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