Childhood Favorites

My mom has been sending Emmy home from sleepovers with old books we used to read when I was a kid. Every time I see one, I am flooded with good memories. I’ve completely forgotten each one until I see the cover and go straight back to my childhood. I can remember loving these stories and reading them over and over again with my parents. I’ve been trying to collect my favorites for Christmas gifts and wanted to share a few from my list because they’re just so good…

childhood booksRuby the Copycat– This cute story has a great moral about being yourself. As a kid, I loved the pictures and thought Ruby was hilarious.

The Cat Who Wore a Pot on Her Head– This one will have your kids cracking up if they like anything super silly. Bendomolena the cat gets her mama’s instructions all mixed up because of the pot on her head.

Amelia Bedelia– I remember learning to read with these books. I always loved Amelia’s crazy antics and couldn’t believe the way she got things all mixed up!

Perfect Percy– This is such a sweet one. It talks about the love of a family being more important than perfection and learning to be happy with what you have.

Princess Smartypants– This “anti fairy-tale” is all about a princess who doesn’t want to marry and loves being a Miss. It has hilarious illustrations of the rigorous tests she puts her annoying suitors through. I loved how wild and funny she was!

The Little Red Hen– A silly tale about reaping what you sow!

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