Baking up Some Christmas Cheer

We’ve been trying to squeeze in all the Christmas traditions we can before baby Juarez gets here. Angie and I have so many great memories of hours spent decorating Christmas cookies when we were kids. We’d always use my Grandma Smith’s special dough recipe and decorate our hearts out. With only a couple hours until nap time, I figured we’d save some time and go with store-bought dough (bad choice!). It was so difficult to work with so we ended up having to add gobs of flour to thicken it up.

The kids had so much fun being bakers. Tucker’s favorite parts were of course SMASHing the dough and making a huge mess. 🙂 Aunt Ang was such a good sport, letting him try to “help” in the process of rolling it out.

Norah and Em worked as a team with Gram, learning all of our Grandma Smith’s baking tricks. Norah told me, “This was a really good idea, Jodi!” I was happy to pretend I came up with this whole Christmas cookie decorating thing all by myself. 😉


We had Christmas music blaring and peppermint oil diffusing. 🙂 It was so fun to all be working together in the kitchen in the Christmas spirit. Everything was going great until I realized we didn’t have any frosting. Pregnancy brain!!  I had set out all of our food coloring and covered the table in butcher paper. I had put out all kinds of cutters and sprinkles. I was so proud of these squirt bottles I bought for the kids to be able to easily decorate (great choice!). But, never once had I stopped to consider what we’d use for frosting.

IMG_2705I found a half bag of powdered sugar and we used an almond milk recipe we found online. Gram ran to the store for more ingredients and we got the decorating started. Tucker mostly just ate cookies. The decorating concept was a little over his head and required way too much self-control. I ended up putting him down for a nap just to end the cookie binging. 🙂

The kids worked so hard on their creations. Norah and Jonah were concentrating like total artists. Emmy kept adding a million and one sprinkles to hers and then asking, “is this one crazy!???” I had to do a little minion for Tucky! 🙂

IMG_2681I found these squirt bottles at the end of the baking aisle at Neighborhood Market Walmart. They were perfect for the kids and you could be way more precise with your designs.

IMG_2693I love making memories with these kids. Emmy and Norah stayed in the dining room decorating every last cookie while we moved on to lunch and clean-up duty. They were so proud of all their yummy artwork! Now, who’s going to eat all these floury sprinkle-covered cookies!?

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