HE or SHE?

We’re less than 10 days out from delivering Baby Juarez #3 and it seems everyone’s biggest anticipation is whether it will be a HE or SHE. 🙂

Giddy doesn’t even describe our feelings of anticipation!

We skipped the “peeking part” of ultrasounds at 14 and 20 weeks. Then, we haven’t had an ultrasound since. We agreed with our doctor to skip ultrasounds (unless medically necessary) due to some of the recent research debating their effects on baby.

Can’t lie though, at every appointment, I wished for a small need to see baby. I’ve missed seeing those tiny legs kick and bubbles emerging from the mouth. I’ve missed size measurements and guesses at baby’s weight. Though I feel the baby constantly moving inside me, I wish to “see” him or her with more precision.

Ohhh… not to much longer and it will ALL be so clear! 🙂

Friends who have done a surprise gender say it is the best surprise. I’m counting on their promises to be true… cause so far, I REALLY wish we would have found out! 🙂 We’re very behind on the name game and bonding with this baby has been so different than before. I know that the moment we meet this sweet soul, we will be so in love!

We love you, baby!

What is your guess?

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