Sharing Our Baby News

I want to share some video of us spilling the beans about baby #3 with our family. As you can see in the video we were just so excited to let Emmy know that we told her right away (probably not the wisest decision). We talked about how this was our family’s surprise to keep for a while. She walked into the gym that night and announced to all the ladies there, “THERE’S a BABY in my mom’s tummy!!!” Welp, I hadn’t even told my own mother so better do that soon. She was just so sweet and cared a lot more than I thought she might. I can’t wait to see this girl become a sister again…

I wish I would have videoed our entire family’s responses but I just didn’t think of it. I especially wish I would have captured sweet Norah’s response. This girl has the best facial expressions and she had her jaw on the floor in awe, repeating over and over again, “WHAT!?! No WAY!!! So all THREE of the ‘cousin moms’ are pregnant!?” 🙂 She had us cracking up! Angie was just so confused when Em dropped the bomb on Jonah in front of her. She has been begging me to jump on the pregnancy train since she found out she was expecting so this was the best news for her. Once again, we’re in this together! Chelsea was screaming happy and Tucker had absolutely no reaction except, “SNAAAACK peeease!” 🙂

I knew I HAD to capture my mom’s reaction because they’re always epic. My favorite video is so blurry but it’s when we shared our news about baby Emmy. We were on a 5 year plan to have kids and found out we were pregnant just 9 months into married life. My mom was totally shocked and started screaming at the top of her lungs, sending baby Norah into a fit of tears! We like to get excited in this family and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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