IMG_2304IMG_2303IMG_2320-0Well guys, we are joining the club. Baby #3 will be joining the Smith clan in June!!!

We are still in a little bit of shock that this is actually happening but we’re soooo excited to meet this precious new life coming our way. It’s incredible the way each baby is their own unique person that you suddenly could never picture life without. We can’t wait to see the way this person will fit into our family and grow our capacity to love once more. I’m thrilled to be pregnant with my sister once more even just for the few months we’ve had/have. It was so special to raise Jonah and Emmy side by side. My sister-in-law, Chelsea, is also pregnant so having these three babies all within a year of one another is pretty cool. They’ll be buddies forever! 🙂  IMG_2325It seems this third time around my body really knows what to do. My belly popped around 8 weeks this time and my old “Kayla skinny jeans” are already retired. I’ve had more nausea this time around, but can’t even begin to complain compared to the horror stories of puking marathons I’ve known others to deal with. My worst symptom is extreme exhaustion, which doesn’t pair well with two toddlers, but I’ll definitely take that over becoming intimately acquainted with my toilet.
IMG_2321So much of this pregnancy feels like uncharted territory. I find myself worrying about the day to day logistics of how I’ll get in and out of stores with THREE kids or ever find a moment for myself again. It’s funny how the first year of a baby’s life seems so centered around purely surviving and then one day you realize, “hey- we’ve got this!” Things somehow get easier and better and ultimately these kids are always, always worth it all. Seeing how uniquely God creates such an innocent life and and then puts them in your hands to protect and nurture somehow shifts your thinking. Becoming a mom changed me forever and I’m looking forward to seeing all the new things this child will teach me. IMG_2326-0I had some complications in the beginning of my pregnancy that turned out to be okay. Because of that, I took some time off from working out as hard and really invested in eating absolutely anything I wanted. Plus, the holidays. Now I’ve got the green light from my doctor to work back up to where I was with my Kayla regimen. I really want this pregnancy to be different then the other two- i.e. not completely blow up. I’ll be modifying left and right and giving myself a pass at pretty much every turn.  The energy factor plus having to give up my spark for a spell is really making it difficult. I’ve been reeling my diet back in and have my workout buddy to keep me accountable. I’m really hoping that eating well and continuing to workout, however much I can throughout my pregnancy, will make getting back in shape afterwards a little easier.IMG_2313-0IMG_2308Emmy is convinced we’ve got a baby sister growing in there. One time we had a new babysitter over while Emmy was still napping. Matt went into her room and told her, “Your babysitter is here. Do you want to meet her!?” She bounced out of that bed so fast and yelled, “Yes!!! I WANT TO MEET HER!!! Where is she?!?” He was shocked at her excitement and they ran down the stairs together. She breezes right past our babysitter and anxiously tugs at me asking, “Where’s my baby? Where’s my baby sister??” She totally heard Matt wrong and thought he asked if she wanted to meet her baby sister. Poor girl was so worked up and all disappointed. We just stood there staring at this new babysitter we’d never met before trying to explain how our child wasn’t crazy without sharing our very early news. haha What a mess!IMG_2329All this to say, we won’t be keeping the gender a secret. We’ll be finding out just as soon as possible which they’re telling me will be 20 weeks!! Are you kidding me?! We found out at 14 with Em and 15 with Tuck. Let’s be real- patience is not my strong suit. My family’s been calling me “the now woman” since I was a toddler. I would love to be strong-willed enough to keep a secret for myself at delivery but it’s a surprise to me either way, right? May be if Angie makes it look REALLY REALLY fun I’ll consider it. So far, she doesn’t have me convinced.IMG_2309**Photo credit goes to my sweet husband who spent his lunch break playing photographer for us. 🙂

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