Our November in Snapshots


The last few weeks went by in a blur it seems and now I can’t for the life of me remember what order any of this happened in so here it all is…

We did a murder mystery party, a one year old deer-land birthday, Em had a great time at school after missing due to sickness the week before. Emmy joined Matt as his wedding date one Saturday afternoon. She returned home telling me how amazing the cake was and especially the white stuff on top (frosting)! We took the kids to Target and picked out toys for “kids without presents this year” and supplies for the homeless this winter (a project our sweet 6 year old friend started). Emmy was convinced the kids would want paw patrol and kept telling how they already picked out all this stuff and filled shoeboxes at school. πŸ™‚ We did an ORU game which the kids always LOVE! Eli, the eagle, is of course the main attraction and Emmy begged for a picture with her friend.

Tuck got his hearing checked and it turns out he can hear perfectly. He just chooses not to listen when he doesn’t want to obey. What a relief! (insert exasperated by two year old life emoji here). Gram came over for a Christmas crafting afternoon and made hand and foot wreaths with the kids. Tuck’s new favorite is trying on our shoes and walking around the house. The only not cute part is when he squeals like a tortured pig when he can’t get them on right. Lovely. We skipped nap one day and shopped at Utica Square. The kids were on a sweet streak and kept cuddling one another in their stroller- heart melted. Emmy helped daddy make Grandma’s famous pecans for Thanksgiving. She loves being a helper in the kitchen. Β I got the best mid-week me time in a while one Wednesday evening. I finally indulged in a massage gift card I’ve been hanging onto forever. I met Angie afterwards for some slow flow yoga and got all stretched out and we wrapped up the night with some sushi and girl talk. Refreshing indeed. I’ve been loving my days alone with Tucker while Em has school. We’ve done dates to the park and Old School Bagel and just get to take it slow together. This week we’ve been getting in the Christmas spirit and decking out the house including picking out a tree and trimming it up. We finished off Thanksgiving weekend with a birthday party for our sweet friend, Diego.


November was filled beautiful weather and so much to be thankful for! We played tennis, explored Turkey Mountain with friends, celebrated birthdays and embraced the fall festivities. Norah’s school had their Grandparent’s Day production and I was able to read to her class in the library a couple times. I just love seeing her in her element! We are so thankful for her sweet school and priceless friends.

We made a thankfulness tree for our living room, to remind us of all we have to be happy for. Then we began the overwhelming leaf clean up in our yard, the kids think this is just the best part of fall… not so much for the parents. πŸ™‚

Thanksgiving was the culmination of a great month of fun and the realization that we were in the last month of pregnancy! Praise Jesus, it’s almost time to meet this sweet babe!

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