Thanksgiving Snippets

We hope everyone had a great day of Thanks with their family and friends! We’re usually in Chicago with Matt’s family but decided to stay home for the holidays this year. I was pretty excited about diving into my mom’s famous stuffing. Nothing else holds a candle to it! My other favorite is all the heated games of catch phrase played late into the night. We accomplished the two things on my list so all the other food and fun were just bonuses. 🙂IMG_1914

IMG_2109IMG_2125My mom always gets the house all decorated for Christmas and sets the mood with her Spode china. She had the most adorable kids table all set up for these four buddies. They loved drinking apple juice from their miniature coffee cups and “cheersing” with one another. 🙂 They were chattering away, cracking each other up all throughout dinner. It’s surreal to see these dreams we had of raising kids together happening. They really are the best of friends and look out for each other so sweetly.IMG_1915


Josh’s mom smoked a turkey this year and it was AMAZING! The spread was just delicious and the perfect post-turkey coma-inducing meal. BUT, I forced everyone out of their sleepy state to get competitive. Josh showed us this new app, PSYCH (basically balderdash via everyone’s smartphones). We’ve been playing every night from our own homes now- so fun! We got my parents in on Catch Phrase, which is always hysterically entertaining to watch them play. 🙂

IMG_2105 IMG_2104

After tons of puzzles with Pa, the kids all snuggled in on the couch to watch the Polar Express together. We let them stay up way too late to enjoy the ending while we finished our games. Emmy kept telling me the whole way home, “Thanks for letting us stay, Mom!! That was just the goodest show I’ve ever seen! I really loved that!” Sweet girl. 🙂

There is so much to be thankful for but these kids are at the top of our lists. They have changed our lives forever and continually remind us to find the simple joys in life.IMG_2101


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