the final frontier

of pregnancy that is….

I am 36 weeks pregnant now with Baby #3. It feels like the first 30 weeks moved at a incredible pace and then all of a sudden time stood still. I want to know this baby SO much- know it’s name, gender and looks. I want to be sleep deprived for legitimate  reasons, ones that reward with the sweet smell of newborn and the cuddles of contentment. This just generally uncomfortable, and sometimes painful state, is wearing on my resolve.

This is the end of the pregnancy journey, it is the part that God created to “ready” you for having a needy newborn. So any little bit of vanity or selfishness that is left after 9months of pregnancy, can be squeezed out. There is little left of my once inward focused thoughts and the transition to motherhood is meant to be as natural as ice melting into a glass of chilled water. As exhausting as I know the next phase to be, I’m so ready to embrace it.


This pregnancy has been so different for me, compared to the other two. My body grew faster than ever before, I experienced new aches and pains and I still find myself turning to Google to know if this or that is normal. As far as particulars go:

  • Weight: I’ve gained more than is suggested, but less than with Baby #1.              I feel totally fine with the weight gain. Part of pregnancy is enjoying treats and resting and embracing the excuses everyone allows you. No matter how little or how much weight I gain in pregnancy, I spend the following year earning my body back. So bring on the queso and cookies (for the next 4 weeks)! 🙂
  • Sleep: I started loosing it quickly around Week 27. Far too soon.                                                        This has been SUPER difficult on my willpower and on my energy for keeping up with the other two kiddos. I just can’t seem to find a comfortable position, even with the crazy pregnancy pillow. 
  • Discomforts: I’ve had so much acute pain across my diaphram/abdomen.                   This is a new one for me. The doctor thinks it’s indigestion. I’ve tried oils, TUMS, and Zantac… now I’m on Prilosec. Bleh! I find myself constantly rubbing my diaphragm, trying to ease the pain. 
  • Doctor Concerns: Blood pressure.                                                                                    At my 35 week appointment, my BP was 143/85. I typically run around 112/70, so I taught Josh to check my BP at home and we have a recheck tomorrow at the office. I’ve been trying to drink more water, sleep more (how!?), and let my husband do the running up and down the stairs. Praying it was just a fluke day and my body is still providing a healthy atmosphere for growth.
  • Stretch Marks: No new ones yet.                                                                                 Baby #1 did enough damage to last my lifetime, but the last 4 weeks are known to be the worst. They may appear, but I no longer fear them. I know that they fade and there is nothing I can do at this point. So, I trust the process and embrace the stretching as more chunk for baby.
  • Movement: Baby moves often, but with a delicacy the other two didn’t.                                    Baby #1 tried to push through my belly button, Baby #2 played soccer in my ribs. This baby pushes off my hip occasionally, but mostly just dances around.
  • Cravings: Coke, Limeade, Starbucks (or sleep would suffice).                                                 I have yet to make my husband run to the store in the middle of the night or to eat pickles with ketchup, but seeing as food often puts me in pain, my body has learned to crave liquids. Even water feels like a craving sometimes.
  • Swelling: The wedding rings finally came off this week.                                                          I haven’t had significant swelling, but I can’t wait to slide my wedding band around my finger again soon! The pregnancy face has presented too. I look at pictures and then at TimeHop, remembering that it does go away is encouraging :). 
  • Gender Prediction: Boy!!                                                                                                             The first 30 or so weeks, I would have told you girl… but now I’m almost positive it is a boy. I find myself subconsciously referring to baby as “him” or wandering around the baby store admiring boy onsies. Too bad we only have a girl name picked out! 🙂 

As we rip link after link off our paper chain, we get more and more giddy with anticipation.  Baby, we LOVE you! We love you and we know so little about you! You are ours and we are yours. The day we look into your amazing eyes and feel your soft skin against ours, is a day we yearn for excitement. We LOVE you!


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