Pastries, Pizza, and a Little Paparazzi- A Few Days in N.Y.C.

Matt had a hunting weekend followed by a week long business trip to NYC last week. I wasn’t happy about being left to single parenthood for 8 days so he offered to fly me up to join him. I jumped on the opportunity to be together in such a fun city and get some much needed alone time. Things have been nonstop with the kids and him traveling lately and it felt like we had weeks of conversation to catch up on. I was definitely ready for a few days of freedom.

I flew up on a Wednesday morning and the kids stayed behind with Gram and Pa. They were so excited for their special sleepovers. They took such great care of them and sent hilarious updates on their antics. It’s a wonderful feeling to know your kids are in good hands and you can relax and enjoy your time away.

Soon after arriving at the hotel we headed out for a great date night. While walking to the restaurant I jokingly prayed for God to let us meet someone famous during our stay. Matt took me to his all time favorite, TAO Downtown. It was the coolest atmosphere with a tunnel-like hallway to this massive dining room below street level. After dinner we hit Molly’s Cupcakes for some coffee and treats. We sat in these adorable swings at the bar and talked and talked forever. It felt so good to reconnect and hash out everything that’s been on the back burner for months. We spent the rest of the night wandering around the city and exploring some neighborhoods, bookstores, Grand Central Station, and Times Square. We ended up paying $4 for a picture with Elmo and Siderman for the kids. 🙂 There’s definitely something magical about New York. When we got back to our hotel later that night I was looking through instagram and realized Andi Dorfman (the former bachelorette) had been dining at Tao Downtown at the same time! (Insert freaking out emoji followed by steaming mad emoji that we missed seeing her!!) I couldn’t believe I’d missed my opportunity to meet someone famous, especially a reality star (my favorite) at that!

The next afternoon I was shopping at Forever 21 when I passed by a girl wearing large aviators that were sliding down her nose. My heart dropped as we made eye contact and I realized it was ANDI!!! She headed quickly towards the escalator and just as I was about to call out her name, I realized she’d turn around and have absolutely no clue who I was. Instead of talking to her like a normal person, I followed her like a starstruck weirdo, taking inconspicuous photos and even video for a few blocks. haha! Don’t ask why I do things like this! I was so shocked that we were in the same place two days in a row in such a massive city with millions of people! What are the odds!?!IMG_1073

I’d been to NYC a couple times before but it was years ago, when my agenda included heading to China Town for a fake purse. 🙂 This time I wanted to hit all the spots I’ve heard others rave about and sample the “best of New York” in my short visit. I’ve been following Naomi’s blog (loveTaza) since I was pregnant with Emerson and have drooled over many a pastry and pizza photo she’s shared. This time I scoured her NYC guides and tried to hit as many of her list toppers as possible. It was a little tricky with them being spread out in several different neighborhoods and not really understanding what was nearby. I wound up walking close to ten miles a day between getting lost and hunting for the city’s best treats. Hopefully I was able to burn off the absurd amount of calories I ate in such a short period of time. Yikes! Back to strict eating starting tomorrow!? There’s always tomorrow!IMG_1242

While Matt worked during the days, I shopped, walked, and ate at some pretty fabulous places…

(the Throwdown at Wafels and Dinges in Bryant Park- so sweet and delicious!)

(Smokeshack burger and cheese fries from Shake Shack- worth the line!)

(City Bakery- such a cool spot! Get the pretzel croissant and some chocolate chip cookies for the road. I still regret not trying the cheese danish!)

(Eataly- the coolest market experience ever. Got the margarita pizza and it was fab!)

On our second date night we tried one of loveTaza’s pizza recommendations, Patsy’s. It was so stinkin’ delicious. We were sat nearly on top of the couple next to us (these places are always jam packed and super cozy). We cracked up when we realized they’d slowly munched on a third of their pizza in the time that we absolutely inhaled our large. We know how to down some good food. 🙂 The crumbled sausage was perfect.

(61 West 74th St)

We barely made it to Levain Bakery for the supposed best cookies in NYC before they closed. We snagged the last ones they had and hit the road for a walk in Central Park. We tried to find Bethesda Terrace until I just couldn’t take one more step on my bruised feet (heeled booties + miles of walking on concrete= poor choice). We grabbed an uber and headed to the Two Little Red Hens for some bomb cheesecake because one dessert is clearly not enough.

(You can’t tell but gorgeous Central Park is right behind us- fail!)

(I may not have picked the right shoes but I definitely picked the right guy. He offered to give me a piggy-back ride around the city- what a winner!)

I had to see beautiful Central Park in the light of day and I’m so glad I wandered all the way back for these views. It was just magical and so much bigger than I’ve ever imagined. I probably saw 5% of it’s beauty. I loved the gorgeous fall colored trees layered with beautiful buildings in the backdrop. Just gorgeous!

One last trip to Shake Shack for the smokeshack burger and cheese fries before returning to the airport…

It was such a fun few days together and I’m so glad we got this time away!

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