Dolphin Discovery

 As we planned our much awaited Cancun trip, our 5 year old had one request that came before all else. She wanted to see a Dolphin! She LOVES animals- learning about them, touching them, caring for them. She’s convinced that she’s going to be “an animal rescuer” when she grows up and she is taking every opportunity in childhood to prepare for this life calling. 🙂

The minute we stepped off the plane, she asked where the Dolphins were. When we pulled up to the Royal Sands and Spa, she ran to catch a glimpse of the ocean, hoping to see the Dolphins. And when the sun set on the first day, it took all her reserve to calmly ask, “WHEN am I going to see those Dolphins??”

We explained that we planned to go one day of our trip on an adventure to see the Dolphins, but that we would have to play it out. It may be a couple days. BUT, we promised her, that we WERE going to see the Dolphins.

When we looked into Dolphin excursions, we found they were costly and pretty lengthly…. and they didn’t allow pregnant moms in the water and/or kids to go without an adult. However, this was very importnant to our girl and we decided this was one of those times, that we would honor our daughter’s heart desire.

Dolphin Discovery at Isla Mujeres agreed to allow my husband to take both our kids in the water with the dolphins, given our situation with Baby#3 🙂 . Norah was SOO excited- she had patiently waited 5 days to go on this epic adventure! 

We left at 8am on a farry from Cancun to Isla Mujeres. Seeing the water from the third level balcony was just beautiful! The water was crystal clear and fish could be seen swimming through the water.

When we arrived at the Dolphin Discovery dock, Norah was ELATED. She gasped and jumped up and down as she watched Dolphins jumping through the air. Jonah loved every bit of the adventure too!

They divided the people from our fairy into groups- 10am, 1130am, 1pm, 2:30pm for different dolphin encounters. We were thankful to be in the first group and not have long to wait with the kiddos. Unfortunatly, I (due to pregnancy) wasn’t allowed on the dock or near the dolphins… so I don’t have any pictures of the kids. (We opted out of the $80 professional picture). BUT, my kids LOVED it. They were able to get in the ocean with the dolphins. The hugged, kissed, danced, and held the beautiful animals. As Norah and Jonah came up the dock with Daddy, they were both talking a bazillion miles an hour, trying to put the whole experience to words.

We spent the next while, swimming in the pools and watching Dolphins. So much to soak in!

After their offered buffet lunch (terrible), we took a Taxi into downtown. We rented a golf cart, drove around Isla Mujeres and explored North Beach. The beach is absolutely breath-taking! The water was crystal clear and sand was soft. We spent a couple hours enjoying our little family adventure.

After a fun morning and afternoon of playing in the hot sun, we caught the 3pm fairy back to Cancun. This was actually one of my most favorite parts of the trip. The kids waiving good-bye to the dolphins, everyone sitting peacefully (exhausted from the big day), and feeling the warm wind against our cheeks. One of those moments I want to remember forever! 🙂

We really had such a wonderful time in Cancun! It was a relaxing and yet adventure-filled trip. We were all so sad to go home… these are memories we will cherish forever!

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