Surprise Brunch for Baby Juarez #3

From what I’ve heard from friends and bloggers who have been expecting a third child, it’s not quite the same experience as your first. No one really dotes on you and it’s kind of just like, “okay so you’re doing that thing again?” 🙂 But, I can’t tell you how pumped I was to hear Jonah and Norah would be having another little sibling. My sister is such an amazing mom and I can’t wait to watch her walk this phase of life out once again. I knew if I brought up the idea of having a shower, she might say how she didn’t need anything or didn’t want anyone to make a big deal of her. So, we decided it would need to be a surprise! 🙂 I wanted her to feel the excitement from her close girlfriends and family. I wanted her to feel celebrated and special- because she is! Every baby is worth throwing a party for! Plus, any excuse to get together with sweet friends and eat sweet treats (a great party craft never hurt either).

Angie was running late per usual! 😉 She thought she was swinging by my house to pick me up and head to our friend’s “sip n see”. She walked into the kitchen and immediately spotted some balloons and then looked over at this tissue backdrop. Her shadow slowed down through the hallway and we all knew she was quickly connecting the dots. It was such a relief to finally shout, “surprise!” and see her tears of shock and joy!

It was really sweet how many of her girlfriends wanted to help in some way. One friend sewed and screen printed this adorable little pumpkin banner and made homemade pumpkin spice lattes for everyone. Another brought her adorable polaroid camera and a memory book for everyone to leave their stamp in. She even lined the book with their names in a pattern- so creative! One made food labels and homemade chocolate oatmeal pumpkin muffins-yum! My mom shined lots of silver, made up the prettiest salad, and even decorated my front step for Fall. Her mother-in-law whipped up delicious individual quiches for everyone. A few others brought different dishes and even ran some of my party errands to help out. Even Uncle Matt ran around town blowing up balloons, picking out ribbons and cards. 🙂 It was just really evident how treasured these friendships are.

My tissue paper fetish continues with this fun backdrop, which consumed a good week of my life. 🙂 I went to Home Depot and picked out some long pieces of thin wood and a couple rolls of chicken wire. Matt and I measured out a big frame and he got to work constructing it. He did an amazing job and even reinforced the corners so it would be a little more sturdy. Then, I ordered some pretty fall colored tissue from Amazon and got to work. I cut the pieces into small rectangles, gathered them in the center and stuffed nearly every hole of that chicken wire. I flopped back and forth with how I wanted to do it but eventually landed on an ombre kind of effect and tried to blend the colors naturally into one another. I love this craft and it gave me so many ideas for other party creations. I might just need to start a little side hobby/business out of this. 😉IMG_0375

We’re all a little obsessed with coffee around here so we did a few different flavors along with the PSLs. I used sharpie to decorate everyone’s names on their own mugs. It was a pretty small group so it was a good way to have both a cute display and party favors for her guests. We have a glassed table that usually has instagram pictures displayed but I just slipped in a sheet of butcher paper that said, “But first, coffee” on it. 🙂

My other big craft was creating pumpkin flower vases. I’m totally doing this again next year because it was really easy and I love having such festive decor around the house. I grabbed several different sizes of pumpkins, cut open the tops, and cleaned out the insides. I didn’t clean them out nearly as much as I would if I was carving a pumpkin so it wasn’t as much work. I had some little green plastic cups that I slid down into the hollowed pumpkins. I spray painted the pumpkins in colors of white, gold, and silver. After they dried, I filled the little plastic cups with water and arranged the flowers inside. Voila!

One of my very best friends from Florida happened to be in town and made it to the shower. It was so sweet to have her around for the celebration and get to have some girl time together..

What a great morning to celebrate this sweet baby! We can’t wait to meet you, little one!

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