Our Month in Snapshots


It’s been quite a while since we’ve added our weekly snapshots so here’s the highlights we’ve missed sharing…

School days, gymnastics with friends, many trips to Old School Bagel, aΒ night at the hot air balloon festival, and a visit with my chunky man- Pax.

Our big trip to Cancun which we’ve over-shared about already, Philbrook second Saturday, Tulsa State Fair, Fall cooking and baking galore, family fun night at Jonah and Emmy’s preschool and a three year old jungle party! πŸ™‚

We love Fall and all the fun traditions and family activities that it brings. Hoping we get a chance to carve some pumpkins and DIYΒ some costumes before Halloween gets here!


Outside of our King Family vacation, the last month has beenΒ busy with “normal life activities.” In September, we visited Table Rock Lake with friends and had the most wonderful time! We were so thankful for sweet, refreshing time with friends and the beautiful break from daily commitments. God always brings refreshment when it is needed most! School is in full swing and both the kids are loving their new teachers and friends. I love having alone time with each of the kids too! We’re still playing tennis and soccer and we’re still serving sno cones. πŸ™‚ Although, that season is almost over!

The Tulsa State Fair was SUPER fun and the kids loved all the excitement, but the butterfly exhibit had to be everyone’s favorite. Norah was in little girl heaven! The ending of the fair always seems to welcome in this wonderful fall season in Oklahoma- the weather is perfect for perusing and enjoying the festivities. The Pumpkin Patch is always on the top of our favorite places to go- this year the camels were insistent that Norah’s hair bow was food! She giggled til she gasped. πŸ™‚ Our other favorite, has been Philbrook’s 2nd Saturday. This is a beautiful community event that the kids always enjoy so much! This month, weΒ got to soak up the beauty with friends from Michigan. What a fun month it has been!

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