Carmichael’s Pumpkin Patch

Another year, another trip to the pumpkin patch to fulfill family traditions. And, what is this? A picture where we’re all smiling at the same time!? It’s a fall miracle. 🙂IMG_9866IMG_9847Last year for the Juarez family to hit the pumpkin patch as a family of four. Norah’s poses get me laughing so hard. She’s priceless.


Tucker loves playing games with Uncle Josh like, “SMASH” and “Natnan to get the bad guys” with his stick for whacking. He is all boy and full speed ahead at all times.

Emmy loved picking out all the pumpkins for us to buy. She had a special reason we needed each one. I love that my holiday spirit is totally wearing off on her. 🙂

These kids love anything animals so feeding goats, pigs, and camels was the highlight. Even Tucker got brave and learned to cup his hand for them to lick out of. He could have done that all day long. He’d do a handful, giggle, and skip around saying, “Goat, goat, goat, MORE, MORE, MORE Peeeease!” 🙂


My mom life partner in crime for life… 🙂IMG_9874Now only 184349 more things to check off of my checklist of fun Fall activities… I love this season!

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