Last Day in Paradise

The last of our Mexico memories…IMG_8718On our last day in beautiful Cancun we tried to soak up every last minute in the sand. Angie’s family left one day early so it was just a smaller family day for us. IMG_8703These two are buddies for sure!IMG_8276After our morning swim in the ocean, Gram and Pa offered to entertain the kids while Matt and I went for a walk along the beach. It brought back so many great memories of romantic vacations full of uninterrupted conversation and wandering wherever we wanted. We were doing some body surfing when I was caught off guard by a school of fish that surrounded me. I meant to call out, “fish”, but somehow shouted, “SHARK!” (I guess we had just talked about one). You’ve never seen two people bolt for the shore so fast! haha!
IMG_8720IMG_8716Trying to convince this girl to take a sand castle break and join me for a swim…

IMG_8600IMG_8705Emerson is always showing us her muscles and giving the camera cool new poses. 🙂

They had the cutest pottery area at our resort. Em, Gram, and Pa spent a long time working hard painting their jewelry boxes, and piggy banks. Emmy was so proud of her hard work and treasures her sweet hand-made souvenirs. IMG_8272

IMG_8721Homeward bound! IMG_8854

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