Kangaroos and Funnel Cakes

We finally made it to the Tulsa State Fair last Sunday. It was such a hot day compared to past years and we all know how fun standing in line with kids in the heat is. wa-wa. Normally I’d say a cheat day full of fried food trumps all the sweat but I was pretty disappointed with the spread we tried this year. Don’t worry there’s a light at the end of this tunnel…IMG_9575IMG_9577 IMG_9651She was his buddy all day long. She usually wants to be independent but she kept asking Matt to carry her. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love their bond.ย IMG_9646

Riding rides with our girl is such a blast. Tucker was actually tall enough to do this car ride but pretty quickly into it he looked up at me in discomfort and said, “out! OUT!!” He definitely doesn’t seem to have a strong stomach for these kinds of rides. He preferred watching from the stroller, waving and yelling, “HI EMMY” every time she came back around the circle. ๐Ÿ™‚

IMG_9592 IMG_9628

The petting zoo was the “light at the end of the tunnel” of standing in hot lines and a dealing with a cranky two year old. We’ve always passed over this part since we do the petting area at the Tulsa zoo all the time. This was so much better than your typical petting zoo. There wereย kangaroos, deer, and the friendliest sheep, goats, and llamas you’ve ever seen. This llama was all about our family and came within inches of our faces. Tuck was in absolute shock at first and was shaking with fear/excitement at all the animals getting in his personal space.ย IMG_9578

Tuck was so funny feeding the animals. He would hold out his hand until they got too close for comfort and then he would just throw it their direction and yank his hand back in disgust. Emmy is our farmer girl and soakedย up all this time with animal friends. She had absolutely no fear of letting these guys eat out of her hand.

IMG_9635This picture on the right makes me laugh because it’s a real depiction of how Mom feels about animals licking her hand. I wonder why Em is so afraid of bugs and spiders? Hmm…

My favorite part was seeing and petting theย kangaroos. I’d never been so close to one before. They had a mommy with her baby in her pouch. It was cool to see in person and surprising to jwatch something jump right past you.

The only way to properly wrap up a fair adventure is with a giant sugary helping of funnel cake. Our stroller ate most of the powdered sugar and we were COVERED in sticky goodness (the sign of a successful fair day in my book). At this point we’d had enough of wrangling Tucker and nap time was imminent. It’s hard to believe next year we’ll be able to ride as a family of four without taking turns to stay by the stroller or watch Tucker.

I love looking back at our other fair adventures and seeing how the kids have grown. Making ourย ownย family traditions isย so fun!

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