We Love the Kiddie Pool

The resort’s kiddie pool was just steps down from our rooms. It was really the perfect set-up for our kids. They lived in this pool the entire week. Plus, It was huge and about 2 ft deep so we didn’t have to worry about floaties as much. It was perfect for piggy back rides, diving for toys, and playing “dolphin family”. πŸ™‚


Tucker has one knock-knock joke that he kinda sorta knows. He was cracking us up with trying to tell it any chance he got. We’d be swimming around and the other kids would be going under and as soon as they’d pop back up he’d say, “KNOCK KNOCK! KNOCK KNOCK”. After his joke he’d always slap is knees and do a super fake laugh, “haa haa haaaa”. πŸ™‚ He finally found an audience who would listen and laugh along…



Norah was in charge of the dolphin family game and it always wound up coming back to this. It was pretty funny to eavesdrop on their dolphin conversations and shark attack them.Β IMG_8757Emmy’s never liked the feeling of goggles when we’ve tried them in the past but she kept opening her eyes underwater so we decided to give it another try. Matt picked out these blue and yellow goggles from the gift shop and these two were SO excited about them! We had the cutest little moment when Matt was passing out the goggles. He got blue for Em since it’s her favorite color but Jonah said how he really wanted the blue. Em said, “Okay, just give those to him then!” This made Jonah so happy and he kept saying, “Isn’t that so nice of Emmy. Wow! That was so nice of her. Thank you Emmy!!” πŸ™‚ I swear these kids are so good to each other. They get along more like siblings and have their squabbles over sharing but it just melts your heart in these moments where you see how much they care about each other.



IMG_8682Tucker pointed to my camera and said, “CHEESE”. I’m not going to pass up that opportunity with my two year old holding still and giving me an unforced smile. πŸ™‚ Tucker’s favorite part of the kiddie pool was definitely riding on daddy’s back and pretending to fall off over and over again, shouting, “WHOOOOAA! I fall!”

Super-Jonah to save the sea creatures!


ThisΒ was a nice break from being the floaty police, while still being perfect for sunbathing.Β We left this pool agreeing that if any of us put in a pool one day, we’d make it 2 feet deep. Just another example of the ways parenthood changes you. πŸ™‚

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