Rainy Day in Paradise

Days before the trip, Josh and I joked about canceling the trip due to the full-on rainy forecast… BUT, Jodi convinced us that even if it does rain in Mexico, it doesn’t usually last long. She was so right! September is considered part of their “rainy season” and is a really slow time for tourist in Cancun. Yet, in the 7 days we were there, we only had 1 full rainy day. It just so happened to come at the perfect time too! Emmy needed a day to rest and the rest of us were happy to take a break from the sun.

We explored the Royal Sands– played table tennis is the kids area and watched people get fish pedicures (egh :)). The kids all napped and we played a family game of Scrabble on the back porch in the rain (…and we ordered room service with too many Quesadillas and an unaccounted for amount of Chocolate Cake! :))

When the kids were up, we decided that we all needed an adventure! We went down to the beach to collect sea shells and see what other adventures awaited us. The kids pretended to be lifeguards- spotting sharks in the roaring waves. Tuckers facials were on point! 🙂


Jonah mastered his “run and somersault” and when the dads got a soccer ball, he was in heaven! He loved racing Daddy on the beach, shooting the ball and yelling “BOOM Shahka-lahka!!” On the way back up to the hotel, he told me, “I’m going to be so good at soccer practice when I get home, because my Dad really taught me a lot today!”


The kids LOVED finding shells and just “BEING” on the beach. It was such a refreshing, low-key afternoon!



The highlight of our rainy beach time was getting to be part of a baby sea turtle rescue! We had been watching security guards and life guards wander the beach- trying to guess what they were doing. When suddenly, a flock of seagulls descended on a newly eroded sand bank, washed away by the roaring waves. Two men ran over, scared the birds away and began digging. Norah ran over to see the commotion and actually got to help the lifeguard pull sand away from a turtle egg nest. She and the life guard worked quick and gently, to pull all the eggs out before they were washed away or eaten by the sea gulls. They placed nearly 50 eggs in a large bucket. The security guard quickly hauled the eggs away to preserve them until hatching time.


Norah dreams of being an “animal rescuer” someday- so this, it was really a dream come true!

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