Sand Castles and Kayaks

This post could have just as accurately been titled, “Peeing in the Ocean and Vomiting on the Bus”, but I didn’t think that sounded too inviting. Em started out our trip not feeling well, which made being in another country kind of stressful. We tried to make the best of stuff and enjoy our time as much as possible, which we mostly did. It helps that she really is such a trooper and does not want to miss out on any of the fun, especially when the cousins are around…IMG_8765

We took these sweet buddies out on a little kayak ride. Even with the gorgeous views and turquoise water, Jonah just pointed back to the beach and said so sweetly, “Let’s go back and get my mommy!” 🙂

IMG_8769 IMG_8848We had so much fun snorkeling and swimming around all morning. All of a sudden Emmy started feeling really yucky so our little family of four returned to our resort early for naps. I felt so bad for Em and was so thankful when she woke up back to her happy self.

My parents offered to watch the kids so we could get a little alone time while they did an early bedtime. We loved eating fresh lobster covered in garlic butter while looking over the lagoon. Our waiter kept joking about watching out for alligators until I realized he wasn’t joking at all and a huge alligator swam right up by our table looking for crumbs (or overboard humans). So creepy- probably one of my least favorite animals ever! It was great to get some time alone but it’s never easy to relax when you know you’re kiddos are sick and you’re not quite sure what’s wrong. :/ Ah.. parenthood.IMG_7055

More vacation pics and stories coming your way… 😉

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