Cousins Take Cancun

We just got back from vacationing all together in Cancun, Mexico. Angie and I have always wanted to do a family vacation together and we were so excited to see our kids play together at the ocean, making all kinds of sweet memories.

We flew out of OKC because that was the only place with flights out on the day we wanted and it was quite a trek with these littles. We ended up staying the night before in OKC so we wouldn’t have to make a two hour drive in the middle of the night. Matt and I hardly slept, and we woke our kids up at 4:30 am to grab a shuttle to the airport. Our flight took off at 6 am and these four sleepy babes were giddy to be flying together.

We arrived in sunny Cancun and the kids immediately zonked out after such a big day. As soon as the kids were done napping, we hit the beach. Pa borrowed a lifeguard’s huge shovel and got right to burying the kids. 🙂IMG_6814IMG_8455 IMG_8471 IMG_8472The next day we took a shuttle to the sister resort and enjoyed the shallow beach. It’s so perfect for the kids with the water being so calm. We rented some snorkels and were shocked to see the three “big kids” catch on like pros. I can remember learning to snorkel at a much older age and still struggling with all the salt water in my eyes, nose, and mouth. The kids LOVED it and even got to see some cool fish. We were so proud of them for learning so fast and always being up for a new adventure. It was a magical dad life moment for these guys to teach their kids. 🙂IMG_8448 IMG_8449 IMG_8446 IMG_8451 IMG_8454 IMG_8456 IMG_8460 IMG_8457 IMG_8461 IMG_8459 IMG_8464 IMG_8462 IMG_8465 IMG_846328 weeks with baby #3!IMG_8468 IMG_8467 IMG_8466

It was a great start to our family vacation and I’ll always remember their precious squeals of joy and cherish these memories made together.

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