Pregnancy Milestones that Matter

There are many milestones in pregnancy. Growing a baby through each week brings new feelings, new sensations, new experiences- all help a new Mommy to feel more attached to the life growing inside of her.

After 2 and 2/3 pregnancies, these are the moments that I remember most. 🙂

Positive Test: The reality that something so great is growing in your womb, outside of your control or influence. It brings fear, worry, joy, anticipation, excitement and a FLOOD of emotions.

8-10 weeks: First doctor’s visit. Hearing a heart beat, maybe seeing the baby on an ultrasound. The things I remember- tears, joy, peace, overwhelming feeling of God’s goodness. The confirmation that a baby really is inside your womb.

12 weeks: An unsure mark of crossing into the second trimester. It feels like relief, but also feels like a time of waiting. Waiting for nausea, exhaustion and other discomforts to pass. Will they ever???

14 weeks: A true leaving of the first trimester. It feels like confidence- you feel free to attach more to the child, you see extremities on an ultrasound, and most often the miserable first trimester symptoms have passed or eased. The excitement of announcing your baby to the world is the best news you have ever shared.

16 weeks: The flutters- did I really just feel the baby or was that gas??

18 weeks: the “POP”- sometime around here you notice significant body changes. People start to recognize you are really pregnant and often maternity clothes enter the closet. The visible outward changes are another security of knowing “you really are pregnant”.

20 weeks: HALFWAY!!!

24 weeks: REAL kicks, the kind that keep you up at night and bring you joy in the morning. 🙂 The maternal instinct to treasure and care for the life you are growing.

27 weeks: 90% chance of viable pregnancy. This mark is a BIG one. It makes you proud of your body, the changes you have experienced and anxious for the life you will soon hold in your hands. Your mind shifts to life after pregnancy and you pray endlessly for the little soul inside your womb.

28 weeks: The home stretch. Getting out of chair is getting hard, you start doing “the stretch” after eating, you can’t sleep without 6 pillows. This is the test of patience- a time to wait… and grow.

33 weeks: Good-bye pregnancy joy. 🙂 This is one I am determined to for-go this time- I don’t want to stop enjoying my babies or the blessing of being pregnant this time around. BUT- sometime around this mark is when you are just generally uncomfortable and you avoid all mirrors because the whale you see in the reflection is just too overwhelming for your delicate, sleep-depreived emotions.

37 weeks: FULL term. You feel like you’ve been handed your positive pregnancy test again-fear, worry, anticipation, excitement and a FLOOD of emotions. Baby will be here any day… and somehow you have to birth them. Don’t worry, birth isn’t as terrible as all the stories you hear. 🙂

39 weeks: The eviction notice is etched in your mind. You want that sweet baby in your arms and you want the stretch marks to stop growing. You live each moment for the next- hoping the consistent contractions or miraculous water-breaking are in your near future.

*this is as far as I ever made it with my two biggest littles.

Delivery Day: PURE, un-matched, overwhelming LOVE. The colors in your world change- you change… forever. It is a love you never knew and could never describe before. It happens every time- each child changes you!

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