Emersonisms X

*When I grow up and be a mommy, I want my cousins to be my kids.IMG_2874

*Norah’s a little big but I’m the biggest and Jonah’s the little guy. Jonah’s the small one. (hmm? I don’t know about that Em)IMG_4679

*When we redid our bathroom and I hung the gold deer head above the toilet, Em named him Peenton. We were using the bathroom at a friends house and they had one in there and Em tells me, “HEY! Theey have Peentons just like we do!!”IMG_4806

*Took Emmy to the restroom at a restaurant and after going number one she tells him, “My tummy changed its mind about going poopy…. He’s funny (laughs to herself)”IMG_4645

*I was giving Em a kiss attack and I told her, “OH! I just want to squeeze your little cheeks you’re so cute!” She says, “That would make me laugh if you squeezed my little cheeks”IMG_6386

*While my mom was babysitting she sent us pictures of Emmy surrounded by Paw Patrol toys playing away. Matt responded to the pictures and said, “Oh wow! She’s probably in heaven with all of those toys”. My mom read her Matt’s text and said she got the most perplexed look on her face and said, “I’M NOT IN HEAVEN! (took it literally) But my daddy knows how to get there! 🙂IMG_5485*While praying before bed one night Em was listing off everyone and thanking God for a bunch of people. Running out of people she then said, “Let me think for a minute…. I just need to think… Oh ya.. EMMY (myself)!! Praise the Lord! Amen!” 🙂

*Matt told Emmy, “you’re a smart cookie!” I say, “you are MY smart cookie, Em”. She laughs and then says very seriously, “I want to eat a cookie”.

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