Hot Air Balloon Festival

IMG_6388Some friends of ours invited us to join them for a night at the Gateway Hot Air Balloon Festival. We drove an hour to Claremore for their mini-fair festivities and balloon show. It was a gorgeous Oklahoma evening spent on the lawn. The kids had a blast pointing out the incoming balloons and playing hide and seek with each other. 
IMG_6349 IMG_6353 This was so sweet.. Tuck was holding on to Emmy to keep her steady as we drove over the bumpy grass. 🙂IMG_6352 IMG_6354IMG_6375Sweet Kenzie having a little chat with baby Beck…IMG_6381I decided to get some funnel cake for a little taste and nearly ate the whole thing- best one I’ve ever had, hands down.IMG_6382IMG_6343

IMG_6387At dusk they did a light show with the big balloons and it was so pretty and relaxing. What a great idea for a free family fun night! IMG_6373

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