Lake Life

I’m sharing the last of our vacation photos today and getting super excited for our next trip. Getting away with my family means making memories we’ll be able to cherish forever. It doesn’t matter if it’s a hotel down the street or something fancy. We just love getting away from our normal routine and having Matt all to ourselves for more consecutive days. We know these breaks from everyday life are the things we’ll be reminiscing about for years.

We love this small beach town up North and have been making trips up here since I was a kid. It’s such a cool experience to share something you enjoyed as a child with your own children. I get so happy seeing Emmy’s excitement for the beach. Her squeals and ear-to-ear grins make the packing and planning all worth it. She had the time of her life chasing sea gulls, building sand castles, and kicking waves. IMG_4219

IMG_4673 Tucker has a major interest in boats and was pointing out each one as they cruised in and out of the harbor. He’s never sure about sand but usually comes around eventually. He wasn’t feeling the best on this day and mostly wanted to be a cuddle bug, which we never mind.IMG_4676 IMG_4677 IMG_4674 IMG_4681This CHEESE face though…IMG_4680IMG_4675IMG_4682It was pretty chilly for swimming at the cottage but we put the kids in what little warm clothes we had packed and let them experience the jet ski and boat. IMG_4629Stripes on stripes never looked better…IMG_4631Tuck adored driving the boat and wanted to start first thing every morning. Every time my dad put his hands on the wheel to steer Tuck would stamp his feet and throw a little fit. HE wanted to be the driver! What a toot!IMG_4640This brave girl had the time of her life on her cruise with Daddy. The small lake was absolutely empty and she would tool around with Dad in little circles, screaming with delight. She loves any kind of adventure! My mom and I paddled out on the paddle boat to catch some shots of these two buddies playing…IMG_4639We only wear super stylish outfits at the cottage. 🙂 We did not anticipate the cool weather at all and had one hoody for each kid for the week. Pa was nice enough to share his fleece…  IMG_4644IMG_4643IMG_4638We loved our time away together and my tank feels so full after all these smiles and snuggles. We had just the right amount of outdoor adventure, big city exploring, and quality time with the Grandparents.

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