Preschool Pals

Jonah and Emmy started their first day of pre-k last week. They were beyond excited to be in class together again. The whole morning Em was grumpy about taking pictures and being rushed out the door until she saw Jonah-man. Her face just lit up the second he ran into school and they were off, running and giggling, and hugging with their little backpacks. I can’t explain how thankful I am to see these two grow up side by side and be such a big part of one another’s lives. IMG_5430They said best part of the day was music class when their teacher made silly faces. According to Emmy, “we just laughed and laughed.. it was so silly”. Jonah retold the whole story of the Kissing Hand over our Chick Fil A celebration lunch. They were so proud of their fun adventure together. Seeing them so happy makes me a little less weepy about all this big kid stuff.

Angie asked Jonah after school, “Did you play with anyone else today?” He said, “No. Just Emmy! She’s my best friend, my best cousin, and my best buddy!” IMG_5431 IMG_5432

Hip-hip-hooray for a fabulous first day. We’re so excited to watch them learn and grown this year!

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