Pregnancy 3 Ways

Baby #3 has brought pregnancy to me in a whole new, moderated form. I’ve realized that in the same way that no baby is the same, no pregnancy is the same. I’ve experienced EVERY symptom of pregnancy in my prenatal experience- both the good and bad, but the symptoms have been different with each baby. Maybe this serves as encouragement… or maybe a warning for the future. 🙂

Baby 1: I think my body may have actually been allergic to pregnancy (or maybe it was all in my head).  🙂 I vomitted daily for 20+ weeks and then weekly after that, swelled up every where, and gained 65+ pounds by the end. I had no energy, felt foggy all the time and was very emotional. I earned my share of stretch marks and “cankels” were an understatement by week 35. I was working nights at the hospital and eating whatever I could keep down. Baby #1 was a Girl.

Baby 2: Easy peasy. I felt great! Maybe I was comparing my life to the previous pregnancy, but I had very few complaints this time around. I felt so much hope for the future, enjoyed being with my husband and had a perfect little bump. I barely felt nauseated, gained 25lbs, and felt like full term snuck up on me. I was running 5 times a week (3-5miles) til week 35, eating healthy and drinking TONS of water. Baby #2 was a Boy.

Baby 3: I’ve landed somewhere in the middle. I’ve thrown up only once, but have spent many hours hanging my head over a waste basket, just hoping for some relief from the nausea. My baby-belly seems to have shot out and the marks Baby #1 left, have made their presence known again. I’ve gained a moderate amount of weight for 25 weeks, I eat as healthy as I can work up my appetite for, but have given in to many indulgences. 🙂 I’ve felt both happy and emotional. I’ve worked out sporadically, but haven’t able to run anymore due to c-section incision pain. Baby #3 is unknown at 25weeks.

I wish I could sort through these symptoms and make a guess on baby’s gender, but really…. it’s all in God’s hands. We can’t wait to meet you Baby #3!

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