Adventures in Chicago

We spent last week Monday exploring the Kankakee Exploration Station with Grandma, Pops, and some of our favorite Chicago friends and their little ones. These kids museums are like a dream come true for my kids (may be me too). Who wouldn’t want to be the cashier at the most adorable little grocery store?

They had some wonderful exhibits including a 50’s diner. My heart was melting over this girl in a poodle skirt, making me milkshakes and taking my order.

Tuck’s favorite part was the boat (his new favorite word). They had an ambulance, tractor, and pirate ship for the kids to go inside.

Emmy loved being the pilot but we were a little nervous to be her passenger as she kept running it into the ground. Tucker found the castle’s dungeon to be the perfect pace to hide out for a bowel movement. haha! 🙂 Our friend AJ is the puppet master and entertained the kids with his talents. Em loved it so much we ended up putting on shows with her stuffed animals all week.

When we returned from being at the cottage, we did a family day downtown. I love these days exploring with the kids, packing in as much fun as we can before the wheels fall off and nap time is a must. We started the morning off at Chicago’s Museum of Science Industry.

AMAZING, mind-blowing, OVERWHELMING! I didn’t expect how huge this place would be and realized I definitely should have done a little research on what exhibits we wanted to see before we got there since we only planned on staying for a few hours. We wandered around and ended up seeing their amazing train, storm, and farming exhibits. They were a little over the kids’ heads and the lines were long with it being a Saturday.

We finally stumbled on The Idea Factory and that was definitely our favorite. Balls, tunnels, bubbles, and lots of opportunities to interact and experiment.

After we’d worked up quite an appetite lugging Tucker up and down lots of stairs and city streets, we met up with some sweet friends for our first ever Shake Shack experience. I’ve been wanting to try this place forever and it was pretty delicious. We had so much fun meeting friends and their new baby, Clive.

After lunch we took a walk around Millennium park and had to say hi to the bean of course. Em loved jamming out to the street music, checking out her reflection working it.

It was already raining on us so we decided why not let the kids get completely soaked in the giant face splash pad. They jumped at the chance to play in the water fully clothed. We had a couple bad spills on the slippery tile but both of them were so brave and wanted to get right back out there for more fun. Every couple minutes the giant person opens their mouth and spits out a fountain of water. Tucker’s face was priceless and filled with complete shock and joy each time this happened.

IMG_4798We always love our time in Chicago. It’s one of my all-time favorite cities to visit, full of a million and one fun things to explore!

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