Our Week in Snapshots x2


A couple weeks ago Matt was traveling for work so we mostly played at the park and did a picnic at the blue whale with the cousins. The highlight of the week was go-carting with Matt’s co-workers at “X-treme Racing”. They have cars that go up to 45 mph and they were a blast!

Last week we were on vacation visiting Matt’s family in Chicago and my parents at their cottage. We had so much fun on our adventures with the kids. We did everything from feeding giant elk to exploring the Museum of Science and Industry downtown Chicago. Lots of wonderful family memories made and I can’t wait to share more about our getaway soon!

Onto lake life..

and back for more Chi town..


The past two weeks have been filled with fun, BEAUTIFUL temperatures and lots of exploring! We’ve spent a few too many hours in Whole Foods, picnicked at the Blue Whale with the cousins, churched with our friends, relaxed with manicures, swung around at SOCO Open Gym, bounced at BounceU, ate at the Food Trucks, coasted down Slide the City, and found a new, beautiful story-time Linnaeus Gardens… whew! Packing in the fun before school starts!

Aunt Tori is finally home from her summer missions trip with Next Step Ministries and the kids were SO happy to have a sleepover with her. We sure do love her!


We celebrated our life-long friend’s 6th birthday with a camping extravaganza! Nothing better than s’mores, hot dogs, friends and a crackling fire. We are so thankful for Cooper and his family in our lives. Friends that feel like family :).

The biggest new of the week…. JOSH turned 30!! Woah!! Can’t believe we’re entering this new decade. Josh is a wonderful man and the best Daddy. The kids were SO excited to get him this Bug Sucker- they literally kept it in their minds as “the gift” for weeks before his birthday! To celebrate the our favorite man, we spent a couple hours at the Discovery Lab  and then checked out some potential flip houses with a friend. What new adventures will this decade bring?

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