Flying with Kids: Airplane Essentials

Being prepared is the key to success when traveling with little ones. We’re getting ready for another airplane ride with the kids, which means lots of packing for me. Over the years we’ve learned what things are worth lugging around and what things are better left at home or bought at our destination.

airplane essentials
Fruit Packets– Now that neither of our kids drink a bottle, these are great for the kids to suck on during lift off and landing to keep their ears from hurting.

Books- We want bedtime stories for our vacation anyway so might as well bring them along on the airplane if they’reΒ light. These dinosaur books are Tucker’s absolute favorite right now and the ONLY books he lets us actually read start to finish so I’m sure one will make it in our bag. I love bringing at least one new one to keep things exciting and this “Where’s the Pair” will be interactive.

Raisins and/or Trail Mix- Good snacks that take a while to eat and give energy.

Travel Hand Sanitizer- Airports are dirty and nobody wants to be sick on vacation.

Diapers and Wipes- Can’t leave home without them!

IPAD, headphones, headphone splitter– We download games and movies beforehand. The kids never play on our iPad so it’s a special treat when we travel. It’s the easiest way to keep them sitting still and entertained. There’s great educational apps out there worth checking out too!

Pacifiers- We always do a sweep of the entire house to round up all the pacis we can find. They always fall down under the airplane seats or get lost in our bags so back upsΒ are essential.

Water Bottles– We love these ones because they hold a decent amount, stay cold, and are leak-proof.

Dum-Dums Suckers- These are the mom life answer to airplane travel. They take forever to eat and keep the kids from getting too noisy for your neighbors.

Sticker Book– Emmy is super into stickers right now and these fun activity books are great entertainment for on the road or in the air.

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