Tucker’s Tropical Pineapple Party

IMG_3456I had way too much fun prepping for this bash. I love a good party theme and tend to get completely carried away with it so here we go…

I think it’s fun to have some stats about the birthday kid up and decided to paint them on pieces of fruit. You can always look back on pictures and see what they were into at that time. I put some bubbles wrapped up like pineapples at the door for party favors (like I said “completely carried away”). I had seen some really beautiful luaus with spray painted pineapples so I jumped on that bandwagon too. It was so easy to do and I placed them on different tables around the house as well as the food table. I made a little tissue garland in tropical colors for the fireplace. I cut out some pineapple decals for each tassel for something extra. I ordered some 36″ balloons in teal and yellow for the pool area because they just make any space feel like a party. I’ll be posting a video tutorial soon on how I made these gold fringe letters, which were hung with wire along the fence. I painted the “Party Like a Pineapple” sign on butcher paper and wrapped it on some thick wood we had lying around in the garage for the food table backdrop.

IMG_3421You know I wanted to carry the tropical pineapple theme through to the food so we decided on chicken kabobs, fruit skewers, cream cheese pineapple spread, and pina colada cupcakes. The cupcake frosting was way too sweet the first time I made it so I ended up adding one less cup of sugar on my second batch and using kerry gold organic butter- way better. I’m kind of a chocolate dessert snob but these were actually pretty heavenly.

Every party needs a good spot for photos. 🙂 I used thumbtacks to attach my striped wrapping paper to the walls. I used tropical leaves and pineapple honeycombs to frame it. I loved how the little diy pineapple and strawberry party hats turned out. I made them by painting cone water cups with craft paint. I used a sharpie to color them, cut off the tops, and hot glued on crepe paper leaves. I used elastic on the pineapples as a chin strap. After I finished them, I got smart and found a spare bag of alligator clips. I hot glued some felt to the bottom of all the strawberry ones and hot glued the clip onto the felt. People used the clips way more because they were so much more comfortable than the elastic.

Tuck was NOT sure about the toasted coconut topping but eventually got over it and just shoved his face into the sweet goodness. 🙂

We are so thankful to all the friends and family who helped us celebrate our big two year old! We had a blast swimming with y’all and watching the kids cannon ball into the pool. We’ll take any opportunity to make sweet summer memories with the people we love!


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