Our Week in Snapshots


This may have been the “longest” week of summer yet- we’re really trying to wring out every last bit of fun! We LOVED the new water park in Broken Arrow (so much so that we went twice), soaked up the splash pad and shared sno cones with friends. I earned some “best mom ever” points, by letting the kids go in the splash pad in their clothes on Saturday night too! Benefits of patiently waiting while Mommy and Daddy work. πŸ™‚

The big milestones of the week go to Jonah- he moved into a real big boy bed AND gotΒ a real big boy hair cut! The only way I persuaded him to leave his quest for a man-bun behind, was to promise him a super-hero hair cut. He has been thrilled by all the oohs and ahs!

Norah got her uniform for the new school year and LOVED it. Last year, she shyly looked in the mirror and with immediate wide eyes asked how soon she could take it off. This year, she asked to wear her “awesome” new jumper all day! She can’t wait for school to start!

The rest of the week was filled with celebration! We celebrated Heather with a “Love Party” grill out, celebrated Aunt Tori’s birthday and even our favorite little Tucker man! I doubt this week of fun can be topped!


This week was packed with summer fun! We did Nienhus waterpark/pool twice, zoo with friends, a summer party, and lots of crafting and party prep. We celebrated our little Tucker turning TWO years old- more posts to come on our big boy.

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