Happy Birthday Tucker

My little baby is two already! How can this be?! It feels like not too long ago we were dumbfounded, staring at that positive stick. The older my kids get, the more I’m struck by how fast it all goes. Also, it seems the older I get the more nostalgic and just plain emotional I get. It doesn’t take much to get me weepy over toddlers turning teenagers. It breaks my heart to think of their full little cheeks and squeaky voices ever growing up. The wonder in their eyes and the purity of their hearts is so beautiful- I hope I never forget everything they’ve taught me about life. I love making these yearly videos for my kids because it just kind of sums up some of our favorite memories. Plus, let’s face it- I’ve got a stockpile of clips and pics just sitting around begging to be appreciated and remembered. 🙂



You are a joy. You are a stinker. You are wild. You have rocked our world with your rambunctious personality, cheesy smile, and old-man cackle. We could never imagine our family without “BO-BO” in it. You keep us on our toes with your “all boy”  antics of speeding, smashing, hitting, and crashing. Your laughter comes from the belly and gets us all cracking up. Sometimes you even ball up your fists and shake with excitement!  Seeing you with your sister is one of our favorite things. You love each other, you argue over toys, you follow her, you hug and kiss her, and you even go on dates (to the guest room) . 🙂 Your favorite word right now is mama and I’m totally cool with that! 😉 You love playing “games” with us like begging for a song, then stopping us to sing a different one over and over again. Your latest is the “slippery shoe game” where you can hardly catch your breath, you crack up so hard over your shoe flying off. You have a few words that are the cutest things and I hope you say them this way forever, “sh-ow, sh-ow” (shower), “Fl-ow, fl-ow” (flower), and “sa sa” (sorry). You point out “ELMO” everywhere we go, even though you don’t find tv all that entertaining after a few minutes. You love “NACKS” (snacks) and ask for them on pretty much every car ride, hungry or not. You are a bit of a cuddle bug on occasion and it’s my favorite. We love to snuggle you and kiss those soft squishy cheeks as much as we can. You have the best little facial expressions, including a killer stank face, and a devastating lower lip before the tears start flowing. You are such a happy, lively, sweet boy. We love you. Happy birthday to you!

Love, Mom and Dad

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