Ode to Summer- Nienhus Pool

Angie had the brilliant idea to check out this water-park/pool with the kids a looong time ago and we just now made it out (4 days before it closes for the season). WHY!?! I’m kind of upset we just now discovered this place because it’s pretty epic. My kids were screaming from the second it was in sight- SLIDES… FOUNTAINS…A, A, A BOAT!!! πŸ™‚

We may have to come back one more time before summer ends (those last two words make me cringe). This season has been one of my favorites with my kids being at great ages to enjoy the water with more independence and me getting to actually chatting with mom friends. I’m so thankful for women who have so much wisdom on this mom life stuff and make motherhood way more fun to do together. I’ll be sad to see this sunshine and swimming season go.

If you want to check out Nienhus, it’s in Broken Arrow and admission is free under 2, $4 for kids, $5 for adults. It’s open 11am-6pm. Outside food or drinks aren’t’ permitted. We didn’t know this and brought packed lunches for the kids but they gave us a wrist band to leave the pool area and be able to reenter. They have a nice shaded pavilion we used for a picnic break. Coop organized a little game of duck, duck, goose and they make fun wherever we are!Β IMG_2999

All our little mermaids and mermans trying to figure out this whole “resting your face on your hands situation” πŸ™‚ Can you tell how much they all love posing for pictures!?IMG_2996We love making summer memories!

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