Our Week in Snapshots


We started the week off with a little nature hike with friends. Em kept showing me her “treasure” (sticks, rocks, leaves). Tuesday we got together for a beautiful brunch to send off one of our girlfriends moving to Australia. Wednesday we spent the day running through sprinklers, making a mess painting, and cleaning off in the water table with little buddies. Having a pre-k teacher friend is awesome! πŸ™‚ The kids were great little helpers this week as we ran lots of errands and caught up on housework. Friday we got to have a playdate with sweet girlfriends and Em played dress up for the first time. We had a little cousins sleepover and the kids told each other knock-knock jokes all morning. Saturday was such a scorcher- the only thing we wanted to do was sit inside and eat gelato so we hung out at STG. We swung by our old neighborhood on the way home and decided to enjoy the splash pad fully clothed because it was just that hot and why not. Sunday is always full of lots of time with the family and usually in the pool at Gram’s. πŸ™‚


We started off the week with a black eye- Norah’s first! She tried to throwΒ a frisbee straight up in the air, but forgot to release the frisbee… resulting in a very frustrating, painful moment :(. The rest of the week we spent fighting sinus infections and soaking up whatever playtime we could get in. We are so sad the summer is coming to close! As exciting as the next season is, qe’re definitely not ready for the summer fun to end.

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