Emersonisms IX

*We were having lunch with a family friend who was getting to know the kids. She had the sweet idea to play a game of “what’s your favorite”. She asked them what they’re favorite thing to do in the summer was. Norah says, “SWIMMING!” and Jonah says, “THE SPLASH PAD” and then it’s Emmy’s turn and she says, “Ummm… playing in the leaves!?” Mmmk. Then I ask, “What’s your favorite place to eat?” Jonah says, “Pei Wei!” and Norah says, “Chick-fil-A”! Emmy says, “Mmmm… Walgreens!” WHAT!? We all burst out laughing and Charlotte offers, “Oh! Do you guys eat snacks from there?” but I can I assure you we’ve never, ever done that. πŸ™‚ I think she just wanted to be creative?

*Emmy was playing on our back staircase with Tucker, whoΒ doesn’t know how to open the baby gate yet, so she tells him, “I’ll help ya… no worries, Tuck!”

*While reading the story of Joshua in her Bible one night I asked her, “Do you know anyone named Josh?” She says, “Ya! He works at the sno shack!!” Matt and I both cracked up and said, “Ya, aaaaand he’s your UNCLE!” She smiles and says, “Ya, and he makes me blue sno cones!” πŸ™‚

*Every night she includes in her bedtime prayers, “I pray that my flowers stay on the wall and don’t fall down..” Let me tell you- God is faithful because we haven’t had a single one drop. πŸ™‚

*While driving home close to nap time she tells me, “I’ll have to take a long nap to get all that yawning out of my mouth.”IMG_2116*Tuck is sitting on the side of the pool and Emmy comes over to him and says, “TUCKER! Excuse me, TUCKER! Your butt is showing!” Just trying to help a brother out! πŸ™‚

*(In the closed-in waiting room at the Dr.’s office) “It’s so nice outside!” hmm… ya!

*I was cleaning downstairs while the kids rode scooters and played chase together. Emmy decided she needed her backpack upstairs for something and asks me, “Can you watch Tucker while I go upstairs?” Who I knew I was off-duty!? Should have gone to Starbucks! πŸ™‚

*I read an article withΒ safety tips to teach your kids. Some of the suggestions were teaching your kids your real name and phone number in case they get separated from you in a busy place. Also, teach them that not all strangers are bad and which ones are good to look for if they need help and are lost. We were explaining to Emerson that she should pick out another mommy that has little kids with her. She was rehearsing back to us what she should do and then we asked, “And what do you tell the other mommy?” She says, “I have to go POTTY! It’s an emergency!! lolIMG_2117*On our drive to Bartlesville we saw lots of cows and I said, “Look! Those ones are eating grass for dinner”. She says, “Yeah, the other ones weren’t eating grass. They were just chilling.”

*I lifted Emmy’s sheets to get in and read her a book but something smelled terrible. I asked her if she tooted and she said, “No. That must have been Tucker” (who was asleep in the other room). I said, “Uh.. I don’t think it was Tucker.” She points to her stuffed reindeer and says with big eyes, “That must’ve been Sfen going poooopy!” And, she refuses to sleep with him now because he’s “just all poopy and stuff”. πŸ™‚

*Matt and I were cuddling in bed with Em one night and I was telling her the whole story of her birth. I explained how we felt when we saw her for the first time and how small she was in our hands. She stands up in her bed and says, “And look at me now! I growed up SO big now!” Matt asks her, “Why did you grow up Em?” She responds very matter of fact like, “Because, I wanted to swim so I just growed up so I could go swimming.” (duh)IMG_2115


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