Our Week in Snapshots


We spent the week swimming with friends, visiting the sweetest twins, and doing some shoe shopping. We spent Friday night at the Bartlesville Kiddie Park, which I blogged about here. It was a super late night and Tuck ended up vomiting the whole way home due to motion sickness and just being completely overdone. 😦 It was so sad so we definitely took it easy on Saturday and tried to let the kids catch up on sleep and enjoy a chill day at home. Sunday morning we made these clean-eating pancakes with blueberries for breakfast and made it to church on time! whoop-whoop! Em learned about David and Goliath in kid’s church and we pretty much played that all day long. This is her “Goliath face”. haha! Later, I went for a run in the blazing heat and got home to Matt setting up a new kiddie pool for the kids. He rules! Em continued to play David and “get Goliath (Tucker)” with her water sling shot. πŸ™‚ Poor T!


We took the week to slow down, re-group and spend some time at home. The kids had a 24hr virus, so we spent some time working on our summer reading and catching up on the latest episodes of Octonauts πŸ™‚ (Season 3 is out on Netflix!) The highlight of the week was definitely the Kiddie Park in Bartlesville. If you live in Tulsa, definitely add this to your summer bucket list!

Baby Update: We’re doing well! Little love #3 is growing…And so is this Mama’s belly. We’re almost 19 weeks pregnant now and still haven’t seen what sex baby will be. At my last ultrasound, the baby kept trying to show off its defining features, but our doctor did a great job of reminding me not to look until it was obscure. Though the first trimester felt like it lasted years, the last several weeks have flown by! I sorted through baby clothes and cleaned out the new nursery this week- it is ready for a Jodi-inspired transformation! πŸ™‚

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