Blue Hole. An Oklahoma Adventure.

 Last weekend, my father-in-law spoke at a new church in Chouteau, Oklahoma. When he invited us to come out, we decided to make a fun day of it and explore our state. If you google Chouteau, you will quickly learn that the small town is known for it’s Amish Kitchens and the Dutch Pantry (nothing too enticing for kids). The area around Choutou is NE Oklahoma- lots of open space, creeks and a lakes. As I searched for a fun place, I ran across a picture of the Blue Hole that a friend had posted on Insta. The swimming hole was 30min from Chouteau and looked like the perfect little “Okie Adventure.”


Wanda’s Blue Hole Park is located in Salina, Oklahoma. It is a swimming hole fed by three natural springs- the water is cold! However, on a day when the heat index was 107 degrees, we thought it felt wonderful! IMG_0675The Blue Hole has camping sites, a small concession stand and lots of room to sprawl out. The cost is $10 per car to get in. The shore and water bottom is very rocky, water shoes are a must. Lawn chairs, water floats and sunscreen also make the list of things needed to enjoy a few hours of fun in the sun.

IMG_0700They say you can float down the little water falls, but Josh “tested” our floats and ended up pretty scratched up. We decided to skip it with the kids and just float in cool water. The current was adventure enough! IMG_0698

As far as culture goes, this place is VERY rural Oklahoma. It was a Sunday afternoon and the place was packed! People watching, e-cigs and small bikinis (or fully clothed swimmers) were plentiful. 🙂 Jonah asked when we pulled in, “Do I have to wear my clothes swimming, is that the rule?”

IMG_0699Josh’s parents were so great! We asked them after church if they wanted to join our little adventure and they happily agreed. We stopped at a Dollar General and a local grocery store, where they found some pretty fancy duds. I am still laughing at Pop’s full neon green outfit!  Norah helped Mimi pick out a dress that was hung next to the produce too. 🙂

IMG_0696Overall, our “Okie Adventure” was a fun success! We laughed, played and explored part of Oklahoma that we had never ventured to before. The kids loved the extra time with Daddy and I loved the time with him too. Road trips are such a great time to talk and connect :).



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