Hip-Hip-Hooray for the Fourth, Friends, and Fireworks!

The 4th of July is one of our absolute favorite holidays. It’s the only day of the summer that Josh’s sno shack gets a little break and Angie gets some quality family time. It’s usually spent swimming with friends and watching the kids stare at fireworks in amazement. We started a new tradition last year of joining in Angie’s neighborhood bike parade in the morning.

Jonah insisted on riding in the trailer with Em and these two had the time of their lives back there. They were “telling secrets” then giggling like crazy at each other. I asked them to say “Happy 4th of July!” for a video and they both yell, “Happy dinosaur!!!” and squeal with joy and bust up laughing at their funny joke. We love that these kids have grown up side by side and feel more like siblings than cousins sometimes.


One of my favorite pictures ever is of the girls from last year. I had just gotten my camera and was having fun experimenting. We tried to recreate the moment again and Norah “helped” Emmy out with her grin. 😉

Norah was definitely the best at posing for pictures and helping me corral the little ones. She REALLY wanted one of just herself showing off her special new earrings. She was very careful to place her curls just so to showcase their sparkle. 🙂 She is the sweetest and growing up so much.

After sweating it out in the heat waiting on the firetruck to arrive for a while we decided to start the parade without them…




The firetruck showed up at the end and the kids loved exploring!


After our big bike parade and day of swimming at Grams we took the kids to a fourth party at some friend’s. Emmy was introducing herself to the other kids and kept telling them, “I have a friend named, Norah!” 🙂 After spending the night hanging with friends, grilling out, and playing lawn games we took our tired little Tucker and excited little Em to watch fireworks. We stretched Tuck to his silly sleepy phase because Emmy was just too precious in her excitement about the fireworks. She had been talking about it all day long and we could not deny her. 🙂 It was my favorite part of the whole day sitting in the bed of Matt’s truck, watching their faces light up at each spark in the sky. Em kept saying, “A blue one- that’s my favorite color!!” I think she truly believed each blue spark was just for her. Tucker kept yelling his word for flower (flow-flow) which I’ll admit they do look like large flowers in the sky.IMG_0074

We are so thankful for the freedoms we have in this country. Happy birthday America!


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