Our Week In Snapshots


This week was another week of hot, sunny, and wet swimming fun! We celebrated Georgia’s 1st Birthday at Guthrie Green, went shooting (yikes!) for Chelsea’s birthday and went to an ice skating birthday party for one of Norah’s sweet school friends. Our friend Dustin visited Tulsa and of course the kids loved every minute with him- they just missed his sweet wife Mandy!

We explored the Riverwalk last night and of course had to play in the fountains fully clothed! The kids were giggling like crazy! #momwin

After a huge week of fun, the kids CRASHED on the way home one day. I haven’t carried sleeping kids to bed in over a year, but I guess endless hours of fun eventually takes its tole.


This has been such a fun week! Last weekend we had fun celebrating our niece turning one! We also celebrated my sister-in-law’s birthday on Tuesday with ladies night at the shooting range and dinner at PHRYME. Delish!

We did a hot day at Guthrie Green. Tucker was following Jonah everywhere he went and putting his hand on his back. I have no clue why but it was so adorable. 🙂

We had Matt’s parents in town staying with us for the week. The kids had a ball playing with them and even got two whole days alone while we went to Houston. Matt’s company does a big party every summer and this year was their 10th anniversary so they went CRAZY! They had people on stilts, snakes, aerial silk dancers, DJs, flamingo girls, and a private Kesha concert. I felt like I was in some kind of alternate universe- wasn’t I just changing a poopy diaper a couple hours ago? We had so much fun dancing to the rocket’s DJ and being kids free for a change! 🙂

The next morning we stood in line for some hearty southern breakfast at The Breakfast Klub downtown Houston. We jogged off our carby breakfast and soaked up some sun at the rooftop pool before heading to Opportune’s party number 2. We ended the night with a movie, cheesecake, and uninterrupted conversation. It was very refreshing!

It always feels good to come back to these sweet kids and enjoy playtime in the sun with them!

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