The BEST Christmas Gift!


All we want for Christmas… is you!


BABY JUAREZ #3 will be here in December 2015!

Dear BABY-

Our hearts are full when we think of you! We know God has a special place for you in our lives and we stand in awe of His goodness being magnified through you already. We love you beyond our comprehension!

Your big sister and brother scream daily, at the thought of your existence. They are giddy with joy! All kinds of adventures have already been planned for you. We hope you like the names “Pella” and “Captain America”, because this is as far as they are willing to budge on your name. 🙂

We have never anticipated Christmas so much, but this year we look forward to meeting you. You are part of us already!

All we want for Christmas… is you!


Mommy and Daddy


4 thoughts on “The BEST Christmas Gift!

  1. Donnamccreary says:

    How special that God chose that special time of the year to bless your family. We are so very happy for each one of you!!! Love you dearly, Nana and Papa

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