Emersonisms XIII

“I’m a sweet little, cute, little Emmy”IMG_9284

After sleeping in until noon after we returned home from our vacation…

Em: “I was reallllly sleepy so I took 5 naps.”

Me: “Wow! You must be hungry!”

Em: “My belly says I’m SO hungry for a smoothie!! My belly says I want to watch a movie too pleeeeease!?”IMG_9283

Referring to Tucker’s sock…

“It growed up and turned into a mitten and now it’s mines.”

“Tucker doesn’t go potty! His butt’s is too little!!”

We went to the nail salon to get Emmy’s first pedicure. She was in complete awe the whole time and was just looking around for a long time. As they were working on our toes, I kept trying to chat with her and she was sooo quiet. I asked her, “So, what else should we do today? Do you have any ideas?” She leans over and says very quietly, “I’ll tell you in the car..” πŸ™‚IMG_9286

After very narrowly avoiding a car accident with the family Emmy says, “It’s okay. Emmy can just punch those cars!!”

I was singing and being silly in the car and Emmy says, “Now that’s just embarrassing, Mom!!” (Is she 14 or 3!?!)IMG_9279

Emmy and Tucker were singing in the car so I asked, “Want me to turn on some music for you guys”. Emmy says, “Noooo… I can’t sing my own song with that on. Just turn on some quiet music that Tucker can jam with.”


Look at this cool trick…


Matt’s parents have been in town and staying with us this week and Em loves their company. As we’re walking to the cupboard she tells me, “I’m so glad I have friends here!” πŸ™‚

Em: “I gotta go to work because I got business to do. You’re my business girl and I gotta find my business officer.”

Me: “Ohhh! What does he look like?”

Em: “He has a tall captain hat.”

Emmy and I went to Target by ourselves and I asked her, “Do you think we should get a little Starbucks treat since we’re on a special date!?” She lifts her fist up to bump mine and says, “Yes, we should! TEAMWORK!!!”IMG_8949

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