Our Week in Snapshots x2


The last couple weeks have been filled with daily play-dates at the splash pad, Guthrie Green, playground or pool. Summer is definitely leaving our hearts feeling full!

We started our daily, two week swim lessons. The lessons are outside and swimming in the rain, last week, was great fun for the kiddos! Norah is perfecting her breast stroke and getting faster at swimming on her back. Jonah is now “swimming” very short distances under water and shows more than enough confidence (true to his character:))!

We’ve also spent time with Daddy. We loved the Lowe’s kids building activity! We’ve run sno cone errands with Daddy, just to be with him and we’ve visiting him at the shacks. Jonah is really practicing his sno’ista skills!

My favorite part of the last couple weeks, has been all the celebrations! We celebrated Pa’s birthday, Georgia’s 1st birthday, the Briscoe wedding and Father’s Day.

We love our Daddy… and matching man-buns/topknots!



Last week is kind of all running together by now but I know most of it was spent around the house. Em got a giant ear infection (she’s never had one). Her ear drum wound up rupturing the day we drove all the way to the blueberry patch and all the way home without picking a single blueberry (#momlife)! We had to reschedule swimming lessons and keep her out of the water for several weeks (WHY did this have to happen in the summer!?!). I got to break away for a visit to the NICU to hold sweet baby Pax. We were so ready for a weekend of fun and it was definitely the highlight of the week- breakfast at Wild Fork, backyard cookout with sweet buddies, and we actually made it to church! 🙂

This week Emmy got her very own big girl bed! She loves being a “princess” and we love being able to lay with her to read books or have morning snuggles. I’ve been working hard on a few painting projects and they’ve finally been completed. I repainted our kitchen coventry gray, chalk painted our kitchen table white and chairs charcoal gray. We got this fun rug from Urban Outfitters. Gram and Pa picked up Em for a rainy day date to the farm. We did the children’s museum with little buds and celebrated cousin Georgia turning one! Matt’s family came in town for the party and are staying with us for a couple weeks. The kids love waking up to a party every morning. We started Father’s day at Georgia’s church for her special dedication to the Lord, spent the afternoon swimming at Gram’s, and wrapped up the evening with a late night run just the two of us.

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