As our daughter’s 5th birthday approached, she started noticing the earrings in my ears and would comment on how she wished she could add earrings to her growing jewelry collection. I explained that getting her ears pierced was a “big girl” decision. It would hurt, she would need to clean them, they couldn’t come out for 6 weeks.

I’m all about honesty with the my kids and I notice that they conquer hesitations quickly when they know the fate that lies ahead. I tell them when medicine will taste yucky, when removing a splinter will hurt, when learning to ride a bike will most likely result in scrapes and bruises. But, I also tell them how much I believe in them! That even though the medicine isn’t good, I have water waiting to chase it. When a splinter is removed, it is relief and we will do everything we can to make it hurt as little as possible. When learning to ride a bike, there is a great reward and sense of freedom at the end!

So, as Norah and I talked about ear piercing, I explained the pinch of the piercing gun and the heat that follows. Her face contorted in discomfort as I explained, but when we moved to the good part- the beautiful earrings and how the pain lasted for just a moment, she lit up. She smiled and touched her ears. “Yes! I know I can do it! I really want to, can I??” she questioned.

We decided as her 5th birthday “right of passage” we would make her little dream a reality. We had to wait a couple weeks because of Josh’s busy schedule, but when the afternoon came, Norah was ecstatic! She waited anxiously in the chair, not even wanting to explore the store filled with girly-fun. She told the worker several times how she “knew it would hurt, but just for a little bit!”IMG_9050

When the piercers were ready, she held Daddy’s hands, smiled and gritted her teeth. 1,2,3…POP! The gun went off and the smile quickly turned to surprise and then disgust. She grabbed her ears, “Owww!” The tears rolled down her cheeks and she leaned into Daddy to hide her face. The workers quickly added the cleaning solution to “cool” the pain and when they handed her the mirror, the biggest smile spread across her face! She wiped the tears from her face and just smiled at herself. “Are they there forever?!!”IMG_9049

She loved it. She loved the sparkles. She loved the flowers. She loved matching Mommy. 🙂IMG_9048

We celebrated with DQ ice cream (before dinner). Josh and I kept laughing as she walked through the mall, pulling her hair behind her ears, smile spread from ear to ear. Our sweet girl is 5. It continues to amaze me that she is such a brave, beautiful, kind-hearted girl. And now, she has her ears pierced. Growing up is full of adventure!IMG_9051IMG_9052

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