Our Week in Snapshots


It’s been a rainy, rainy May here in Oklahoma! We’re so excited to see the rain go- sunshine, splash pads and sno cones are all much more enjoyable with sunshine. We’ve been soaking up any Daddy-time we can get and have run Lowe’s errands with him, met for lunch and even frequented the shack for short visits. We said “see ya soon” to Aunt Tori- she left to work with Next Step Ministries for the summer. Norah’s been dramatically telling everyone how much she REALLY misses her already! My two little love bugs have been the best of friends and I couldn’t be more thankful to see their sweet friendship continuing to grow. The greatest news of the week- the pool opened! 🙂 When the DJ announced a cannon ball contest, Jonah ran to join the big kids with Norah following protectively behind. My Mr. Brave jumped right in and got the loudest cheer!


So much rain here! We even had some little ducks swimming in our backyard one day. Wednesday was a much needed relief from the gloom and we enjoyed playing in the sunshine at the fountain with friends!

Friday night Matt and Tucker left for their weekend trip to Chicago to visit family. This was the first time I’ve had so much alone time with Emmy and we decided to make it a total “girls weekend”. Saturday we did minnie mouse pancakes at BBD with Nay, skipped nap to spend the whole day at the zoo with the cousins, and rented a movie and ate ice cream to cap off the night.

Sunday we did shopping, lunch, and Em’s first pedicure. 🙂 Having a girl is the bomb. I can hardly wait to get my little man (and big man ;)) back in my arms though- missed that them lots!


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