More Beach, More Sunshine: The Last 3 Days of Our Vacation

DAY 3:

We had so much fun at the sister resort beach that we went again the next day!

Work it girl! IMG_6843IMG_6828Smoothies all day every day! The kids couldn’t get enough of these! When in paradise…

DAY 4: 
IMG_6830Her squeals at the ocean waves stole my heart. Absolute heaven to see her so happy!


Emmy loved being carried into the ocean to “get” the waves. She would make a punching or kicking motion as each one rolled up and yell, “BOOYAHHHH!”. We asked her what that means and she said, “Freeze”. 🙂

After naps we decided to take the afternoon shuttle back to the calm beach for one last visit.


I asked her if she could pose for me and this is what I got… She is so animated- it’s hilarious!

Being super classy at dinner later that night. We may or may not need to brush up on our restaurant manners. 😉

 iPhone snaps of these days…


We were SO sad to say goodbye to our family vacation. We soaked up our last hours before catching our flight home! One more visit to “get” those waves, and a few hours jumping into the big pool, and gulping down fruit smoothies.

Be still my heart…

The pool had a large step where you could sunbathe on a lawn chair in the water. Emmy made them her personal diving boards. She would say, “want to see my coolest trick ever!?” and jump off into the water. I was so proud of how brave she was in the water since we spent all last summer failing to convince her to jump into the water at my mom’s pool. It’s both beautiful and heart-wrenching to watch her grow up.

It was such a lovely week that we’ll remember forever. We’re already looking forward to another family getaway. Memories for a lifetime!

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