Calm Waters: Day 3

The mornings were some of my favorite times of the trip. It was so nice to wake up to the salty ocean air and take things slow with the kiddos. It was so relaxing to chill with some coffee and cuddles before we raced to apply sunscreen and enjoy the day. This was steps from our open patio- not too bad! πŸ™‚IMG_6646Peek-a-boo with palm trees…
IMG_6645His giggles are the best and Emmy just wants to know when we can get in the pool already!IMG_6648Even pancakes and fresh fruit couldn’t take this girl’s mind of sand castles and swimming. She’d ask us over and over again, “can we go now!?!?”

Our concierge told us about a sister resort with a really calm beach that we could visit via their shuttle service. We decided to give it a try and wound up going back almost every day. It was the best beach for the kids without any waves. It was only a couple feet deep so even Tucker could touch and float freely without gulping down a ton of salt water.Β IMG_6747 IMG_6746

Giggles and squeals galore! Dad rules!

Tucker loved all the boats speeding by and would squeal and point each time. He even learned how to say, “BO!!” πŸ™‚IMG_6735 IMG_6737 IMG_6730 IMG_6733Fresh pineapple and watermelon were the kids’ staple snack. This was the life!

We took the shuttle back to our resort for naps and enjoyed some alone time relaxing on the patio once again, which included desperately searching for flight changes to stay longer. We didn’t want it to be over- but, sadly, nothing seemed to work out on that front. Β We ate at their fancy Mexican restaurant for dinner and even didΒ a walk on the beach with the kiddos. Our good ole’ iPhone snaps from a beautifulΒ day together…

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